" Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible " - Zen Philosopher

IPL, since its inception had dynamic leaders who had the right mix of attitude, passion, business acumen, decision making capabilities and the ability to foresee developments. IPL has always had leadership edge.

IPL strongly believes that only great people can make great organizations. Recognizing the importance of investing in Human Capital, the core principles of managing the organization is aligned to achieve consonance between corporate goals and individual aspirations. Reason why, IPL continue to have top-notch work force capable of providing qualitative response to challenges countered during changing times.

Some of the leaders who steer IPL to new heights include,

Mr. A. Krishnamurthy

He is the Chairman of the Amalgamations group and is on the board of numerous prominent auto component companies. He comes with over 4 decades of experience in the Indian Auto sector.

Mr. N. Venkataramani

He is the Chairman & Managing Director of IPL and has been with the company since 1967 and as MD since 1982. A Fellow of The Institute of Mechanical Engineers having completed his Masters from Imperial College London, he is also the Chairman of George Oakes, IP Rings and is also on the board of Bimetal Bearings, Amalgamations VALEO, Stanadyne.

Dr. Mahadevan

A Mechanical Engineer from IIT, Chennai, and a PhD in IC Engines, Dr. Mahadevan has recently been honored as a Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers. He lends unparalleled technical support to IPL & The Amalgamations Group besides serving on the board of IPL, IP Rings & other companies within the group as Group Technology Director.

Dr. GowriShankar

A Metallurgy Engineer from IIT, Bombay, and a PhD from IIT Madras, joined the company in 1965 and is a Director on the board of IPL and in other prominent component companies. He is an active researcher in the fields of metallurgy & piston ring technology. He has published over 15 papers and holds a patent to his credit.

Mr. Ram Venkataramani

He joined the company in early 1989 and is a Director in IPL. He did his MBA from USB Chicago. Since joining IPL, he has been at the forefront of the company's efforts in successfully implementing systems and procedures based on TPM, TQM & Lean manufacturing in all locations.

Mr. Gautam Venkataramani

He joined the company in 1997 and has risen to the position of Whole time Director of IPL. He has an MBA from the London Business School. Under his aegis, IPL has launched new products and forayed into new markets. He also serves on the boards of other companies including IPPL, ECPL, Speed a Way & Higginbothams.