Platinum Rewards Program

Vroom, our in-house developed loyalty program, is the result of over 5 years of extensive research and continued development of our aftermarket rewards program. The product has significantly contributed to the exponential growth of our aftermarket business and endeared us to our customers.

Vroom's key component of its success is its simplicity. All user transactions, queries and redemptions are handled via SMS. While an online interface is also available, the ease of use of an SMS based interface for the end users makes it accessible to everyone, at any time.

  • SMS & Online Interface simplifies usage for end users
  • Complete product type customizability makes it suitable for any product - not just auto components
  • Customizable promotions, earning rules and multipliers
  • Application intelligence dashboards and many customizable report options
  • Debit card for cash redemptions
  • Gifts and own product redemptions