VROOM The IPL fast rewards scheme is a No-pain, All-gain exclusive program designed for committed IPL Retailers, Reborers and Mechanics. It rewards them for purchase of the best engineered piston assemblies. Registered retailers, mechanics and reborers can buy IPL products covered in this programme and earn points to their account through SMS or Web portal. They can also redeem their accumulated points for various Gifts. Products covered under this program will be announced from time to time by way of circulars through our Sales force.

For more information please contact our Regional Marketing Offices : Delhi (011-42175558/42175557), Mumbai (022-23613028/23692242), Bangalore (080-26677234) and Kolkata (033-22154679/22157747).

List of Area Managers :
Zone State Area Manager Contact No
North Punjab, Chandigarh, Jammu & Kashmir, And Himachal Pradesh Mr.Banku Ram 9988070857
Rajasthan Mr.Namit Mathur 9829052988
Delhi Mr.Dinesh Chand Joshi 9868741946/ 8178166832
Uttar Pradesh Mr.Pawan Sharma 9358499610
Haryana Mr.Jaswinder Singh Chopra 9215785515/ 7015456079
West Madhya Pradesh Mr.Bhupendra Singh Bhadoria 9303413344
Gujarat Mr.Bipin Modi 9824017600
Chattisgarh Mr.Ravindra Pawar 6264446812
Maharashtra Mr.Sandeep Paroha 9822275885
East Orissa Mr.Biswa Ranjan Nag 7852966247/8777750252
Bihar/Jharkhand Mr.Uday Sharma 9431445494/9334508055
West Bengal Mr.Prasenjit Ghosh 8013445271
Assam And North East Mr.AVIJIT NANDI 9435103388
South Tamil Nadu Mr.G Alex Pandian 9566799212/ 8825612395
Kerala Mr.Sreedhar Narmeta 9849824545
Telangana Mr.Jameel Ahemed 9849672596
Andhra Pradesh Mr.R S Ravi Chandra 9494645612
Karnataka Mr.Vishwanath G Kesarkar 8970146488
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